lindsay lohan chelsea lately rehab kristen stewart e Lindsay Lohan hosts "Chelsea Lately," mocks Kristen Stewart, herself

Sobriety suits Lindsay Lohan. She hosted “Chelsea Lately” on Monday (Aug. 5) and reminded us all that once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was going to be the next big actress.

She was funny!

However much Lohan has kept the tabloids in business over the past few years, she might just be more entertaining sober. If the actress can keep up performances like her Chelsea Handler-substitute job, then the rehab-Lindsay is the right Lindsay.

During the show, Lohan and her fellow panelists — Brad Wollack, Fortune Feimster and Jen Kirkman (and of course Chuy) — systematically mocked Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and Kristen Stewart. Dylan Bruce, better known as “Hot Paul” from “Orphan Black,” stopped in for an interview as well.

All of this was liberally sprinkled with Lohan-directed humor. Whatever her faults, you can’t say that Lindsay Lohan won’t laugh at herself.

Some highlights of the “Chelsea Lately” episode include:

  • When talking about how Harry Styles had been asked about being bisexual with a DJ named Nick, Lohan joked, “I’ve been there.”
  • “You guys have had your share of making fun of me.” — Lohan to the other panelists, speaking the truth
  • “Justin Bieber was performing in New Jersey last night …” — Lindsay Lohan’s response when asked about her future plans
  • “He should have asked me to take him. I never get rejected.” — Lindsay Lohan on Justin Bieber getting rejected from a club
  • Lohan brought a clip from “The Canyons.” It was … Well, there’s a reason why the movie pushed Lohan directly to rehab.
  • “I end up in rehab and jail.” — Lohan’s response when asked about how vodka — to which she claimed an allergy — affects her
  • “I would never selfie-film myself curling my hair.” — Even Lindsay Lohan has her limits.
  • “I’m not concerned about that.” — After discussing the story of Kristen Stewart telling off the paparazzi, Lindsay wasn’t going to complain about a chance to get less attention.
  • Dylan Bruce seemed very excited to see Chuy.
  • “It was like ‘The Parent Trap’ on steroids.” — Bruce’s explanation of “Orphan Black”
  • Lohan and Bruce compared experiences of getting naked on film.
  • Paul Schrader, the director of “The Canyons,” showed up on set naked. Lindsay was not thrilled about this.

Posted by:Laurel Brown