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Lindsay Lohan‘s full interview with Matt Lauer on “Today” aired Thursday (March 1), as part of her effort to rehab her image, along with hosting “Saturday Night Live” on March 3. She certainly sounds like she’s got, as she says, “her stuff together,” so we hope that’s true.

Lauer begins the interview with a clip from an interview with Lindsay from five years ago, when she was a redhead and when things hadn’t quiet gone off the rails yet (at least not publicly).

“I was non-stop working back then. It was really fun, but it was a whirlwind. I’ve been very quiet since then, haven’t I? Been very quiet, kept to myself,” Lohan cracks.

“I think it’s just the process of learning and going through certain experiences,” she says, of her downward spiral since then. “I’ve certainly seen a lot. I’ve grown. I’ve learned how to live myself in away that I’m happy and I can do the things that I want to do.”

“I think it’s this last kind of whirlwind of experiences that I’ve gone through this last year-and-a-half. I’ve kind of just taken a step back and been like, ‘I’m not doing what I love to do.’ and I need to find a way to find that balance again,” Lohan continues.

Lauer is curious what she’s done to try to find that balance she speaks of and Lindsay says, “Some of the main things are the people I surround myself with. I think that it gets very lonely in this industry ’cause you’re constantly with people and then you’re alone. I had a lot of poeple around me at all times and they weren’t necessarily there for the right reasons, and I wasn’t concerned with that. I was being a bit ignorant to that – maybe I shouldn’t go out all the time, maybe I should rest. Maybe I should start to grow up and take care of myself”

She also says she’s grateful to have had this all happen now, while she’s 25 and can still right the ship.

“I’d rather it be now and not have to go through it later. I regret the choices that I’ve made, but I’m grateful for where I am today because of them,” says Lohan. “I don’t need to see any more negative stuff, I don’t need to put myself in those places anymore.”

As for working, Lauer wonders if producers and directors will want to work with her, will think they can count on her and Lohan says it’ll take time.

“I think that takes time and I think that actions …. I still need to go through the process of proving myself. With SNL, being on time, keeping my stuff together. I’m really lucky because Lorne Michaels has really been supportive of me … he believes in me. It’s a process and I’m willing to go through that process and be held accountable,” says Lindsay.

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