lindsay lohan charlie sheen in bed scary movie 5 weinstein company Lindsay Lohan in bed with Charlie Sheen in 'Scary Movie 5'Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen … in bed. Sounds like that dumb game where you tack on the words “in bed” to your fortune cookie, but nope. The two tabloid staples wind up sharing the same sheets in “Scary Movie 5” — as seen in this first still released by the Weinstein Company.

Lohan and Sheen have brief cameos in the movie, which is set for a April 19, 2013 release. Of course, everyone assumes that their characters will both end up brutally murdered in the latest installment of the “Scary Movie” franchise — a sendup of the “Scream” franchise — so don’t get too attached.

Sources tell the New York Post’s Page Six that Lohan’s appearance in the film almost didn’t happen. Dimension Films signed Lohan to be in the flick, but as the filming date approached, Lohan was MIA. Sources say she “freaked out” after she saw the script, which she thought was making fun of her. After reportedly being threatened with a lawsuit, Lohan did end up showing up for work.

Will you be going to see “Scary Movie 5”?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper