lindsay lohan refuses flight sao paolo brazil gi Lindsay Lohan misses another plane, decides to stay in Brazil

What’s Lindsay Lohan‘s problem with getting on planes recently? After almost missing a recent court hearing because of a missed flight and a plane that made her nervous, you would think that Lohan would understand the importance of scheduled air travel.

Nope. Now, she’s staying in Sao Paolo, Brazil for the immediate future.

Lohan has been in the South American country since Thursday (March 28) for a promotional job with John John Denim. Her work finished, LiLo was expected to board a plane on Monday (April 1) to fly back to New York City. The troubled actress was then expected to travel to Los Angeles for the Coachella Music Festival.

Instead, according to a source quoted by E! News, Lohan turned around at the airport and went with a friend to the Emiliano Hotel in Sao Paolo.

As this is no longer a work trip, Lohan’s extended time in Brazil will not be paid and her manager reportedly left the country on her original flight. “She is staying against everyone’s advice,” a source reported.

On March 18, Lohan pleaded no contest to charges of reckless driving and providing false information to police. She was sentenced to 90 days in a lockdown rehab center, plus community service and mandated therapy. Considering the actress’ current location and activities, however, it is unclear when this sentence might actually begin.

Posted by:Laurel Brown