Even Lindsay Lohan is doubting the number of people Harry Styles has slept with. The One Direction singer recently was questioned by British GQ about his sexuality and the number of people he’s done the deed with. He claims he’s not bisexual (which we believe) and that he’s only slept with two people (which we totally don’t), and it seems Lohan is firmly in our camp.

During her visit to “Chelsea Lately,” which airs Aug. 5, Lohan leads a roundtable discussion about Styles’ recent interview. A clip from the episode can be watched above.

“Harry Styles was on the cover of British GQ. He was questioned by the interviewer about rumors that he’s bisexual with a DJ named Nick — I’ve been there. He answered, ‘We’re just friends,'” Lohan says. “When asked how many people he slept with, Harry said, ‘Yes, lower than 50. You’re cornering me. I’ve only ever had sex with two people.’ Yeah, he’s never hung out with The Wanted, and he’s obviously not counting oral. Sorry, Harry!”

Those are some pretty funny jabs, both at herself and at Styles. Seeing her in the above clip reminds us so much of the actress who charmed everyone in movies like “Mean Girls,” and it does seem to show that Lohan is doing much better after her stint in rehab. As for Styles, he hasn’t yet made a comment on Lohan’s jokes.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz