Lindsay Lohan appeared on Tuesday’s (April 9) edition of “The Late Show with David Letterman,” and the results were… awkward. While Lohan didn’t seem to want to say anything about her recent (and not-so-recent) woes, David Letterman was intent on pushing the questions as far as he could.

While the interview was intermittently funny, it was mostly uncomfortable.

At least according to Lohan, her appearance on “The Late Show” was in support of “Scary Movie 5.” The poor girl should have known that Letterman wouldn’t care about her brief appearance in a low-rent comedy. He wanted to talk about the other stuff. And he did.

In all fairness to both interviewer and interviewee, there were attempts at restraint and honest discourse. You got the impression that Letterman really cared about Lohan’s mental and physical condition. Lindsay diverted much of both the questioning and the sympathy, but she did give a few honest-sounding answers throughout.

It’s unfortunate that honesty from Lindsay Lohan is a depressing thing these days. Take, for example, the actress’ response to Letterman’s pages of questions and jokes. Lohan got hold of the pages and flipped through them before suddenly offering a long and telling response.

“[reading] Ask yourself: Why always in trouble? I don’t know, I couldn’t answer that. I’m a target. I’ve always been. And I put myself, in the past, in situations where… You know, I take full responsibility for it. And it wasn’t funny. And I was being immature. And I was going through a phase. And I had a lot of family stuff going on and things in life. You grow up and you mature. I’ve said that a million times — I know that. But what else am I supposed to say when it’s a process of life, and I’m not trying to deny anything, any situation that I’ve been in.”

It doesn’t take a psychologist to notice how many excuses Lohan has for her behavior, even as she prepares to enter rehab on May 2.

Not that the young actress seems to understand exactly what should be in store for her in any decent facility. Twice during the interview, Lohan mentioned how she saw rehab as “taking some time for me.” This isn’t untrue, but one has to suspect that the “me” Lindsay finds will not be a pleasant discovery.

Fortunately for Lindsay Lohan and her undoubtedly freaked-out handlers, Letterman did eventually let his guest off the hook. Letterman even seemed almost apologetic as he complimented Lohan on the poise and spine needed to come on a show that had so regularly trashed her.

Hopefully, Lohan can take that poise and spine to rehab as well.

Posted by:Laurel Brown