Lindsay Lohan‘s paid appearance contract for John John Denim in Brazil may not include hiding under tables at nightclubs, but it apparently includes doing local press. During an interview with Caras magazine, Lindsay reveals she is working on her next album, more than seven years after the release of her last, “A Little More Personal (Raw).”
“I just started writing last week actually,” Lohan says. “Yeah, I just started writing.” In answer to an inaudible question off-camera, Lohan replies, “You’ll see. It’s good though.” Lohan says she’ll finish the album in New York “because I live there now. So I’ll be in New York recording.” Maybe LiLo forgot that she is actually scheduled to enter rehab in New York for 90 days. Perhaps she is going to one of those imaginary lockdown rehab facilities that houses a recording studio. Who can say?
Among other gems from the interview, which you should most definitely watch in the video above, Lindsay reveals she snubbed Elizabeth Taylor‘s dinner invite — “God rest her soul” — because she was “too scared to go.” Yet she did happily accept a diamond ring from Dame Liz. That was definitely the gracious thing to do, right? Maybe wearing the ring helped Lindsay channel the legendary actress in preparation for trampling over her memory in Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick.”
LiLo also describes in the interview why she loves fashion, and you may want to brace yourself, because it’s pretty deep. “I think it expresses people in more ways than you think,” says Lohan. “I think that what you wear depicts kind of how you’re feeling at that moment. And I think that’s really interesting. And that’s why I respect it so much.” Wow, so heady.
Aside from writing her new album, Lindsay reportedly has plans to appear on “Late Show with David Letterman” in early April, and she just wrapped a guest appearance on Charlie Sheen‘s sitcom, “Anger Management.” (Never mind that she may or may not have stolen half the wardrobe department on her way out.) Both of these gigs make perfect since for Lohan because, as she points out in the Caras interview, she is a natural born comedian. “Comedy’s easy for me,” Lindsay says. “I don’t know why, but I don’t feel like I have to act. Because my friends tell me I’m a funny person so I’d like to think that I am.”
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