Lol Lindsay Lohan just can’t get enough attention.

To prove it, on Twitter, she posted a topless picture she took of herself.

Because she was "bored."

The snap was taken a few months back as LiLo was getting ready for a fashion shoot, but she uploaded the photo only yesterday.

Lindsay can be seen in a blond wig, posing topless in a mirror and taking the pix with her camera phone.

The "Mean Girls" actress (she's @sevinnyne6126) posted a TwitPic link to the photo, and in her tweet she wrote: “Old photos … I’m THAT bored!”

No wonder Sam Ronson is done even trying to be friends with this media-seeking missile.

Get away while you can, Sam!

And reconsider that restraining order. This chick is psycho-scary.

What do you think is wrong with Lindsay?

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Photo credits: Lindsay Lohan's Twitter page

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead