lindsay lohan crying Lindsay Lohan probably won't serve her full jail sentenceLindsay Lohan burst into tears on Tuesday (June 6) when her consecutive jail and rehab sentences — 90 days in jail, followed by 90 days in rehab — were read in court.

Save your tears and your mascara, Lindsay. Chances are you won’t serve anywhere close to the full term of jail time.

Lohan only served 84 minutes of her one-day jail sentence related to her DUI conviction in 2007 — which probably set the tone for how seriously she took her DUI legal issues this time around.

What’s 84 minutes out of 24 hours? Will that same timing figure for Lindsay’s 90-day sentence?

And does anyone remember Paris Hilton‘s Jailhouse Rock? The Dish
does, and that’s why we’re guessing LiLo will serve nowhere near the
jail time she was sentenced to on Tuesday.

]]>home-confinement-no-not-really drama surrounding her sentence, the hotel heiress ended up serving only 23 days of her time, most of that at her Hollywood Hills home under house arrest. Reasons given for the socialite’s early release were her medical condition (she lost weight on prison food and was reportedly crying and feeling really anxious) and — oh, yeah — prison overcrowding. Special treatment? You betcha. Paris didn’t have to mingle with other prisoners and she did a Barbara Walters interview on the phone from prison and talked to Larry King when she got out. So relax, Lindsay. You won’t do as much time as you think. And jail could make you relevant again. You could even change your life and become the new Robert Downey, Jr. He was a hopeless mess who destroyed his movie career too. Now look at him. Plus we heard that the makers of the Linda Lovelace biopic are willing to delay the film until you’re out of the slammer. How great is that?
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead