lindsay-lohan-publicist-steve-honig-quits-drug-intervention-gi-68.jpgAfter maneuvering her through passing out in her hotel room, being questioned over some stolen jewelry, getting arrested for an alleged hit-and-run, a 911-worthy fight with her mom and more, Lindsay Lohan’s publicist Steve Honig has called it quits.

TMZ reports that Honig, who worked for Lohan for a year and a half, quit Wednesday (Oct. 24).

Friends of Lohan’s reportedly tell the site that Honig quit because of the actress’ dad, Michael Lohan. Michael says he and Honig butted heads leading up to Michael’s failed intervention attempt with his daughter on Friday. Despite rumors to the contrary, Honig released a statement Monday saying her management team had nothing to do with the intervention.

Michael then texted Honig, calling him a “f***ing liar.”

Although Honig didn’t reveal the full reason why he quit, he did say it’s not all because of Michael.

“Michael wishes he were that important,” Honig says.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper