lindsay lohan probation revoked Lindsay Lohan rehab drama: Will she ever just do what she's sentenced to do?Well, this is fun.

According to her plea deal, Lindsay Lohan was supposed to check into Seaside rehab facility in New York City this morning for a 90-day “lockdown” stay. However, she decided she didn’t like Seaside (they don’t allow their patients to smoke) so she flew to Los Angeles last night to instead attend Morningside Recovery rehab. In court this morning, her lawyer Mark Heller told the judge that Lindsay was already “ensconced in the bosom” of the Morningside facility.

But not only was she not “ensconced,” she hadn’t even checked in. According to TMZ, Lindsay decided to go to Fry’s Electronics store before showing up to Morningside. Then, when her SUV pulled up to the facility, Lindsay sat inside… and when the SUV pulled away, she was still inside.

It gets better. TMZ’s top-dog investigators report that Morningside Recovery’s license was revoked in 2012 for “for being careless with prescription drugs and operating beyond the scope of its license.” According to the Deputy Director of Licensing and Certificates at the California Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs, Morningside has the authority to provide a sober living house, but not to treat addiction.

If Lohan does not check into rehab today, her sentence could be converted to 90 days in jail.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie