Maybe Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson should have made a New Year’s resolution not to fight.

For at least a day.

TMZ is reporting that LiLo and SamRon got into another nuclear fight at Miami International Airport over the New Year holiday:

The argument started in the American Airlines Admirals Club. Once on the plane, Lindsay, as one observer described it, "was so inconsolable the flight attendants asked if she’d like to disembark."

We’re told there was a lot of was drama, hysterics, crying, tears, etc.

And this is the second round after that epic fight Lindsay and Sam had at Sam’s Hollywood Hills home. The screaming (and glass-crashing) was so loud it kept neighbors up.

They flew back to L.A. Thursday.

What on earth is Lindsay so unhappy about? It’s not that she’s out of a job, losing her home, can’t get medical insurance or pay her medical bills.

Is she simply trying to destroy this relationship?

One thing is for sure: She can’t complain about how she looks in a bikini!

If we looked that hot, we’d be celebrating, not arguing.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead