lindsay lohan meth teeth Lindsay Lohan sports brown teeth on red carpet

Remember this and you’ll be a better person for it: you don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep. In the case of Lindsay Lohan, you apparently don’t have to brush or floss or even rinse with water.

Lohan walked the red carpet last night at the THQ premiere for “Saints Row 3.” Unfortunately for Lohan, these fancy newfangled HD cameras don’t let a whole lot slide.

RadarOnline consulted Dr. Naz Tofigh, a Beverly Hills dentist who observes that there are “signs of definite neglect.” We imagine Dr. Tofigh’s parents are wondering why the heck they spent all that money on dental school. Dr. Tofigh continues: “There are a lot of stains on her teeth, the yellow spots are typical of people who drink a lot of red wine and smoke.”

Lindsay is due in court next month for another probationary progress report. If only she was a diligent on her biannual dentist check-ups, we may not have this problem. Plus, they give you a free toothbrush!

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