lindsay lohan india Lindsay Lohan stars in a documentary on human trafficking in India
Who better than Lindsay Lohan to shine a spotlight on the plight of India’s starving women and children and the horrors of  human trafficking. The irony is so thick, one could slice it, toast it and slap a pat of melted butter on it. 
Lindsay, who has been long rumored to suffer from an eating disorder and whose parents pimped her out as a performer when she just was a child, spent a week in India recently for a BBC documentary on the trafficking of women and children.


Lindsay shares her informed insights on the situation on-camera. “The whole situation is so heartbreaking  because the parents aren’t in the wrong, the children are obviously not in the wrong, um, the traffickers are in the wrong because they know what they’re doing. And anyone that says they don’t know, I mean, come on.”
She also interrogates some traffickers through a translator (thank God) , with the probing and thoughtful question “Didn’t you hear from other traffickers that children were abused. that some girls, if they’re, like, attractive, are raped and prostituted and subjected to such horrible things?”
Did she really “if they’re like, attractive?” Let’s watch that again. Yup, that’s what she said.
The BBC says that in the doc Lohan meets with “young boys who work 16-hour days … a reformed trafficker who would make a quick buck luring young girls … a shelter where young girls promised domestic work for India’s burgeoning middle classes were trafficked into brothels and forced into prostitution.” 
Hey, that sounds like Hollywood. 
This has gotta be a joke, right? Are we sure Sacha Baron Cohen isn’t behind this?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead