lindsay lohan car accident Lindsay Lohan to be charged with obstruction of justice

Lindsay Lohan has got herself into a bit of trouble following her car accident back in June. Though reports in the press have the “Liz & Dick” star telling friends that the brakes in her rented Porsche failed when she rear-ended an 18-wheeler on June 8, she apparently told law enforcement officials after the accident that she wasn’t behind the wheel of the car.

Well, Lohan was, and police have the witnesses to prove it. TMZ is reporting that this case is going to be filed as a misdemeanor by the Santa Monica City Attorney as early as this week. This seems like a good lesson for all of us on why you shouldn’t lie to cops.

But this could spell more bad news for Lohan than just getting in trouble for obstruction of justice. Since she is still on probation for her jewelry theft a year and a half ago, the judge on that case could view this as a probation violation. If that’s what happens, TMZ claims that Lohan could go back to jail “for a long, long time.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz