Lindsay Lohan may have been the last person seen wearing $400,000 worth of missing Dior jewels.

But that doesn't mean she stole the designer gems from her Elle photo shoot in London.

Does it?


Still, Scotland Yard may need to talk to the actress in their ongoing investigating into the mysterious disappearance of some diamond earrings and a necklace used in a June 6 Elle magazine shoot. The jewels were were reported missing on June 8.

A Scotland Yard spokesman told People: "Inquiries are continuing and no arrests have been made. As far as who we will be interviewing – we will be speaking to a number of people in connection with the inquiry and don’t discuss the identity of the people we are planning to interview."

"We inquired and everyone from the shoot is being questioned," Lohan's rep tells People. "Hair, makeup, stylist … even photographers. Lindsay hopes they find the jewels. She's happy to cooperate."

 Elle UK has already released a statement exonerating LIndsay. Sort of.

To wit: "Elle has no reason to believe that Lindsay Lohan was in any way responsible and has no further comment to make."

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Photo: Lindsay flashes some jewelry when leaving a Soho studio on June 7. Credits:FilmMagic