Lindsay Lohan to guest star on 'Anger Management'   Charlie Sheen saves her yet again

Lindsay Lohan should start calling “Scary Movie 5” the role of her career, because it brought her face-to-face with Charlie Sheen. Though she reportedly refused to kiss him for the flick, the two ended up becoming friends and he even gave her the money to pay off her 2009 tax bill.

Now Sheen has come to Lohan’s aid yet again. It is being reported that Lohan will appear in an upcoming episode of FX’s “Anger Management” opposite Sheen. She will reportedly play herself, and will develop “a romantic relationship with Sheen’s character after becoming his therapy patient.”

This news comes after Lohan’s planned foray back into acting backfired. Her Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick” was met with tepid reviews and her antics on the set of “The Canyons” didn’t earn her much respect, so this “Anger Management” appearance might be just what her career needs. Hopefully Sheen’s generosity isn’t for naught, and Lohan gives the performance she keeps promising in the show.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz