LindsayLoh_Media_57361834_600 Lindsay Lohan, never a girl to buckle down and get her career back on track, is still shopping and partying like crazy with her kid sister, Ali Lohan.

After dropping mega-bucks shopping at Fendi Friday, Lindsay left her home at around 9:30 last night with Ali and a pal.

The ladies hopped into their waiting Rolls Royce Phantom and headed to the Sunset Tower hotel, where they partied for a few hours.

Then they hit the Chateau Marmont, where they stayed for a little longer than two hours.

Then the loosened-up ladies went back to Lindsay's house and threw eggs at the paparazzi waiting outside her gated home.

But Lindsay's aim was not so great. More yolks ended up on Lindsay's driver's Rolls Royce than on the laughing and delighted photographers.

Her driver, after shaming the paps, drove off to clean the rancid egg off the hood of his car. 

Being Lindsay Lohan’s limo lackey has got to be a thankless job.

Wonder if she even apologized to the guy the next day.

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Photo credit: FilmMagic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead