lindsay lohan under table at nightclub twitter Lindsay Lohan under table at nightclub in Brazil looking prrreettty wasted

Lindsay Lohan  was snapped sitting under a table on the filthy floor of a nightclub in Brazil, looking a sloppy drunken mess. Wearing a cutoff t-shirt and sparkly mini skirt, LiLo looks like that friend in college you always regretted taking with you to a party, as she cups her forehead in her hand.
A local clubgoer posted the photo to Twitter with the caption, “In party in Sao Paulo, Lindsay Lohan refuses to take pictures and hides under the DJ table.” Hmm … why on earth would Lohan not want to be photographed partying at a nightclub? Ever since Lindsay struck a plea bargain in Los Angeles that will send her to rehab for 90 days to avoid jail time for lying to cops and violating her probation, she has been spotted living it up at nightclub after nightclub.
It’s been reported Lohan intentionally scheduled her rehab stint to begin after the Coachella music festival, which is not only an annual celebrity hot spot, but also known to be a veritable drug and alcohol haven. Even Justin Timberlake cops to experiencing Coachella through the haze of “many different, um, substances.”
Lindsay is in Brazil for a paid gig promoting a clothing line, and she’s reportedly making multiple publicity appearances for a fat stack of cash. Hopefully the company who hired Linds has clear stipulations as to what “The Canyons” actress can take with her when her work is done. Otherwise, they might end up with an “Anger Management” situation on their hands. After shooting a guest appearance on Charlie Sheen‘s show this week, Lilo left the set with a lot of loot from the wardrobe department that the production says she wasn’t given permission to take. Ah, some things never change.
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