lindsay lohan saturday night live Lindsay Lohan was not on perscription drugs on 'SNL' according to Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan is (surprise, surprise) talking about daughter Lindsay Lohan, bashing her mother Dina Lohan and taking back what he said about Lilo’s performance on “Saturday Night Live.” He recently told CelebrityVIPLounge that she was on prescription drugs during her performance.

Not true, he says. Lohan tells HollyScoop that his words were taken out of context. He says, “[They]…twisted everything I said. In the
past, Lindsay was using medication and prescription meds and that’s why
she was flat. But everything on ‘SNL’ and ‘Glee’ you can see that she’s
turned everything around and she’s not [high].”

He also has harsh words for his ex-wife. He says, “Dina doesn’t stop trying to put wedges between us. Between [me] and her
and the kids. Dina tries to dampen things constantly. Ever since the divorce when Dina and I weren’t there to guide Lindsay,
Dina took over managing Lindsay and look what happened to her career.”

Yikes! Anyone else think Lindsay would be better off without both of them?

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