Lindsay Lohan jail Lindsay Lohan will do 14 days in jail? Explains her smirkAdmit it. You were secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) happy that Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to three months in prison, followed by three months in rehab.

Hey, you’re only human and she does seem to be a bit of of a self-entitled twit.

But it turns out that Lindsay will only serve “about 14 days” of her 90-day jail sentence, according to L.A. sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore.

]]>tells Us Weekly. Yeah, because it’s been what, six whole hours? Lohan, who smirked in her mug shot as if she already knew she was only getting two weeks out of three months, will spend her hellish 14 days in a 12-foot-by-8-foot cell — the size of a non-celebrity bedroom — and will be isolated from other prisoners, who might be really mean and make fun of her. After Lohan surrendered, her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told reporters that her client “is asking for your prayers and support. She has stepped up and accepted responsibility.” And she wasn’t joking. She was being serious. At least, we think she was. But that doesn’t stop us from laughing. How about you? Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credits: Getty Images  

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead