Super-stylist Rachel Zoe dressed Lindsay Lohan for her busy Tuesday night-on-the-town. First the newly brunette actress vamped it up at the "Brokeback Mountain" premiere in Westwood in a brown Balenciaga halter top, slim black slacks and a navy Chanel jacket.

At the after-party at Napa Valley Grille, Lohan and her entourage sat at a table with a good view of "Brokeback" star Jake Gyllenhaal‘s table. La Lohan looked pretty with sooty dark eyes and pale lips, nibbling a few bites of dinner, occasionally sneaking a faux-eyelashed peek at Gyllenhaal. But despite rumors of a secret romance between the two, Jake stayed with his sis Maggie and her beau Peter Sarsgaard while people congratulated him on his astonishing "Brokeback" performance.

But around 11:30, Lohan got tired of waiting and made a beeline for Courteney Cox and David Arquette‘s private cocktail party at Guy’s in West Hollywood to celebrate their new TBS show, "Daisy Does America."

Photo: Lindsay Lohan goes to the dark side on her night out.
(Photo: Lester Cohen / WireImage)

]]>Lohan joined the posh party packed with the usual nightlifers — Jack Osbourne, David Spade, Vincent Gallo, Matthew Perry, Brandon Davis and that toad-sprouting "Walk the Line" star Joaquin Phoenix, who all watched Gyllenhaal’s on-again-now-off-again squeeze Kirsten Dunst dancing up a storm most of the night.

Rachel Zoe, by the way, is so busy keeping all her girls looking fabulous that she hasn’t had a day off in six months. Awards season is closing in fast and she has been frantically making the rounds and putting dresses, shoes and accessories aside for several of her red carpet-bound regulars.

So the very mention of possibly helping garb her client, Nicole Richie, for her new "The Simple Life" reality TV season was just too much to think about. "I have no life as it is," Zoe told us on her cell phone. "I just cannot even imagine. But I haven’t heard anything about it yet so I plead the Fifth."

And you thought this Hollywood high life was all glitz and glamour.

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