lindsay lohan court case gi Lindsay Lohan's attorney Mark Heller lectured by judge on her case

The judge on Lindsay Lohan‘s current court case is not a fan of her New York attorney, Mark Heller. In fact, Los Angeles Country Superior Court Judge James Dabney reportedly took Heller to task for 10 minutes after he filed a request for a formal dismissal of the counts, a continuance in the case and a suppression of evidence in relation to the criminal case surrounding Lohan’s summer 2012 car crash.

“There seems to be some doubt as to whether Ms. Lohan is entitled to some mercy because of her history with this department,” Heller said, asking Dabney to “give [Lohan] leeway to show that she’s worthy of compassion.” Dabney responded with, “I see no reason to put the trial over. And we should keep the March 18 date.”

Heller, who was hired by Lohan in January, was also criticized because he does not practice California law. Dabney stated that Lohan would need to sign a waiver acknowledging that Heller is not competent in the state’s law if she continues to have him as her sole legal aid, The Los Angeles Times reports.

Lohan was not in court during the proceedings.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz