lindsay lohan the canyons new york times Lindsay Lohan's behavior on 'The Canyons' set examined: Just how bad was she?

“The Canyons,” the upcoming Paul Schrader movie starring Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen, has been an interesting project ever since it was first announced. The movie earned some press for Lohan missing days filming and generally being a nightmare to work with — as TMZ recently proved — but that’s apparently nothing compared to what the experience actually was like.

The New York Times put out a article called “Here’s What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie.” Writer Stephen Rodrick followed the production on the project seemingly since Lohan first became involved, and details exactly what happened while he was on set. The full piece is equal parts intriguing and terrifying. Here are some excerpts:

Getting Lohan on board:
“Schrader goes over some ground rules; no trailers on set and one contractually obligated, four-way sex scene. Oh, another thing, Schrader adds: he will not try to sleep with her. This was probably a more relevant point in 1982, but no matter. Lohan stands up and says goodbye, telling everyone how excited she is to be working with them. She leaves the restaurant, followed by her mother and the mysterious man with the presents.”

Lohan’s true feelings about “Liz & Dick”:
“She proclaimed the director a jerk, her co-star a nightmare and the crew unfriendly. On it went. Schrader listened for a while. He looked stricken. He softly tapped his balding head on the table. Lohan asked him what was the matter. ‘That’s going to be me in two months. You’re going to turn on me.'”

Lohan is really trying to be a good actress:
“‘I’ve missed this so much,’ she said between puffs. Her voice was a nicotine-soaked rasp. ‘I’m in a good place now. I mean it’s Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader! It’s a dream. When it’s done, I want to go somewhere far away, maybe Africa. Uganda? But right now all I want to do is work, work.'”

What’s really wrong with Lindsay Lohan:
“Schrader thought Lohan’s weakness wasn’t drugs�� — although he counseled her on the math of when to take sleep aids — but fear of being alone. She needed people and chaos around her 24/7. The idea of being by herself scared the hell out of her.” 

Steve Honig, Lohan’s rep, has complaints with the article:
“‘I don’t want this to be all about Lindsay being late,’ Honig said. ‘Actresses are always late. Julia Roberts is late.'”

Lohan on getting beaten up in a scene:
“‘Well, I’ve got a lot of experience with that from my dad.'”

Schrader’s view of Lohan by the end of the shoot:
“He held up the phone and showed me some footage he’d just shot of Lohan having her makeup redone. Then he pushed a button, and a Bruckheimer-quality explosion blew his star into a million tiny pieces.”

Lohan’s mentality at the end of filming:
“‘I needed time to figure out all the crap in my life that I’d created for myself, essentially, and I kind of realized, What am I doing? I like doing this. I like being here. This makes me happy. There was a line in the ‘Elizabeth’ movie where she says, “I’m so bored, I’ve never been taught what to do when I’m not working,” and I’m kind of figuring that out now.'”

Lohan’s decision not to go to Africa after all:
“‘I don’t want to take a while off, I want to keep working. There’s some other scripts, and I eventually want to direct, so maybe when I’m not filming, I can be directing something because I learned so much from the people that I worked with.’ [Rodrick comments that she still has some talent.] ‘I know. I’m trying. I’m really trying.'”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz