Lindsay Lohan
posed topless in the new edition of the Sunday Times Style magazine.

Except she really didn't. She's topless like Miley Cyrus was topless in Vanity Fair, which is to say you can't see anything.

In fact, there was far more on display in her recent Twitter topless post.

But the article is far more revealing than the photos: 

"The first thing you notice is how tiny she is, then what a large bosom she has," the Times notes. "Her pale skin has been sprayed the colour of a ginger-snap biscuit and the lines etched into her freckled forehead make her look at least 10 years older than she is. She orders an iced water in a voice honed by too many cigarettes and a lifetime of late nights."

What do you think of LiLo's teddy bear topless post? Sexy or slutty or both?

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Photo: Sunday Times Style

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead