lindsay lohan prison Lindsay Lohan's storage locker to be auctioned: Remember when this happened with Paris Hilton?And now for the latest sad Lindsay Lohan news: it appears she’s so far in debt, she can’t pay the bill for her storage locker.

According to TMZ, Lohan is $16,000 behind on payments for a Los Angeles storage locker containing clothes, heirlooms, and other items. As seen on the (completely addictive) television show “Storage Wars,” if Lohan can’t pay her bill, the storage unit’s contents will be auctioned to the highest bidder.

Reportedly, the A&E reality show is interested in filming the auction (and subsequent rummaging) of Lohan’s goods. If Paris Hilton’s storage locker is anything to go by, this could be very interesting.

In 2006, a 6,000 square foot storage locker packed with Hilton’s belongings was auctioned off after she failed to pay a $208 bill. All of her personal items from the locker were uploaded to the site, where viewers could pay $39.97 to view the contents.

Included in the locker were prescription pill bottles for Hydrocodone (a strong painkiller), Ambien, and Valtrex (a Herpes medication). They also auctioned bank records, 18 of Hilton’s diaries, with detailed descriptions of sexual encounters and celebrity rendezvous, countless personal photographs, and a video of a dazed, confused, and naked Hilton being filmed by “Girls Gone Wild” boss Joe Francis and her then-fiance, Jason Shaw. Also revealed were videos of Hilton and Nicole Richie doing drugs.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie