Living in Lindsay Lohan’s fast lane must be exhausting.

Car wrecks, late night clubbing’, perpetually late for work, getting publically chastised for tardiness by fellow actors and a studio head. Plus she’s been rushed to the hospital this year more times than I can count.

Now comes word that Lohan was rushed to the emergency room AGAIN after falling and fracturing her wrist in two places in New York Friday night. 

According to Access Hollywood, she fell at that darn slippery Milk Studios  while wearing flat Channel (Um, I think they mean Chanel) boots. Darn. There goes her Jimmy Choo defense.

Apparently, Thursday night wasn’t much better for the actress, who stars in Harvey Weinstein’s buzzed-about Oscar contender film, "Bobby," and who reportedly isn’t half bad in it.

Page Six sez Lindsay got into a nasty, profanity-heavy public fight with her mother Dina at an Upper East side restaurant. At her mom’s birthday party.

After the very public Mom meltdown, the Post reports that Lindsay was – at one point – in tears during the Calvin Klein party as she mixed with the party’s hostesses Drew Barrymore and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Does anyone else think that if Lindsay Lohan were a regular girl, folks might use words like "intervention," not "exhaustion?"

Good, I thought it was just me.

Photo Credits: Lindsay hotfoots it to a fashion bash at 7 World Trade Center after a screaming fight with Mommy Dearest… at her mom’s B-day party. The next night she took a tumble at a party in Milk Studios. Blame it on these shoes, Lindsay. Seriously. Everyone will buy it.
WireImage/James Devaney

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