Disheartening news: Lindsay Lohan was a no-show at Al Gore‘s Seeds of Tolerance event last night. After begging him for image advice and telling event publicists she was definitely coming, she blew off his bash honoring young documentary filmmakers at the Arclight Theatre.

Poor Al. The star of the Oscar-seeking eco doc, “An Inconvenient Truth,” had to settle for dispensing image-buffing advice to celebrity stand-ins: a pink-haired Rachel McAdams and her multi-nominated "Half Nelson" actor/beau Ryan Gosling, who certainly look like they’re taking him seriously.

So where was La Lohan? Did her AA meeting run late?


The "Bobby" star chose to spend time with people who can really polish up her party girl image: Dean and Davis Factor’s Smashbox Cosmetics Holiday Bash and LA club czar Brent Bolthouse’s birthday party, held jointly at Area.

Britneyspe_j_sci_11883526_600Yeah, Al’s competition for Lindsay’s attentions was stiff that night. Mom of the Year Britney Spears showed up with new panties and two civilian (ie: not famous) girlfriends, all of whom danced while heat-packing rapper Snoop Dogg performed.

Lindsay one-upped Brit by actually getting onstage to dance with Snoop while her ex-beau Harry Morton watched. And Paris and Nicole showed up together again proving that it was way more interesting when they pretended to be enemies. They also left together early. Let’s hope Paris was driving.

Mary Kate Olsen came to show offf her new white blonde hair. Even Jared (I am too a rock star, dammit) Leto, still riding high after getting his Hollywood Life Breakthrough Award Sunday night, showed up with his 30 seconds to Mars band.

Oh, and “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly showed up just after Nicky Hilton left. But who can blame him. The girl is always shooting daggers at him when they’re at the same party like it’s sooo terrible that he maybe cheated on her once or twice. Doesn’t she ever watch the show? That’s what young actors are supposed to do when they make it big.

The evening was also steeped in Hollywood irony.The bash benefited Covenant House, an amazing charity that helps kids with addictions to drugs and alcohol, something many – if not all – of the party peeps can relate to. Wonder if Nicole booked a room?

Photo Credits: Ryan and Rachel pay rapt attention to Al Gore’s  disapointment over Lindsay not showing up for his image make-over.
Lester Cohen/WireImage
Photo Credits: Lindsay seeks solace in birthday boy Brent Bolthouse’s arms at the Smashbox party for Covenant House.
John Sciulli/WireImage
Photo Credits: Britney almost shows off her new panties. Perhaps the key is not bigger panties, but longer skirts? Just a thought
. Both would be preferable.
John Sciulli/WireImage

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