The hot topic at Saturday’s Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy bash at Republic on that once-quiet little WeHo street known as Melrose Place?

Is poor maligned Lindsay Lohan POed with William H. Macy for calling her out in People about her constant “rude” tardiness on the set of “Bobby?”

Seems she was also late a lot on that film, as well as on the set of “Georgia Rule,” which also stars Macy’s wife Felicity Huffman. So yeah, let’s forget about all those “dehydration” excuses.

But Miss Lohan was all smiles – clad in leggings, loose white top and multiple bracelets – arriving with her pal Samantha Ronson, who was actually not late to work for her DJ duty that night.

“Why do they play the music so loud at a party where all people come for is to talk to each other?”  wondered one guest trying to find a spot to stand without blasting ear-drum destroying speakers.

In between screaming and/or struggling to read lips, guests grabbed Revlon lipsticks (even Blythe Danner, who looked like she could use some), scads of really big TV stars, anxious publicists and happy-to-be-invited anywhere civilian guests ate ice cream, checked out the new Chocolate cell phones and grabbed EW mags strewn about the warehouse-sized club.

One issue had "House" doc Hugh Laurie on the cover. So natch, he was there. The other issue’s cover peeps were “Project Runway”‘s perpetually pregnant Heidi Klum and her PR costar Tim Gunn.

Hot babes included Allison Janney, posing with Mariska Hargitay,  in a brown jacket/black jeans, Lisa Edelstein, Kate Walsh,Maggie Grace, Rebecca Gayheart, Sarah Chalke and Angie Harmon.

Tina Fey, Lauren Graham and a tan and actually hot-looking Matthew Perry posed together for photos. Cheryl Hines and Kim Raver, looking tres sexy in a fitted white dress with a bit of black bra showing, were in the house, as well as Lisa (“my lips are so real”) Rinna and Harry Hamlin.

“Rescue Me” nominee Denis Leary showed up with his whole darn family. He and his wife hit the by-contrast rather subdued official Academy of TV Arts and Scienes cocktail party on Friday night at the Pacific Design Center, which was I think is supposed to be like the Oscar nominees lunch.

There’s one big difference. Slim nominee pickings. More may have showed up after I left for The Gersh Agency’s big Grand Centenario-sponsored star studded bash at the Sunset Towers pool bar. But I only spotted Leary, Jane Kaczmarek, Cloris Leachman and Alfre Woodard.

Tip: For better attendance, try throwing the official cocktail party BEFORE the awards ballots are due back, like the AMPAS does. Trust me, it works every time.

Photo Credits: Lindsay Lohan does EW’s Emmy bash and she’s NOT late! Okay, is that a peace sign Samantha’s giving us or some new alternative lifestyle double bird? WireImage/John Shearer
Photo Credits: Blythe grabs some Revlon lipstick. Let’s pray the Earth Grandmother wears some to the Emmys.  WireImage/Eric Charbonneau
Photo Credits: Just because Heidi’s preggers and Gunn may be a little light in the loafers does not mean that they cannot behave like total EW Publicity Hos. WireImage/John Shearer
Photo Credits: Allison Janney takes a break from swag shopping (thank God) to squeeze her Emmy competition to death. Hey, Allison, is that a knife in my back or are you just glad to see me? WireImage/ Michael Caulfield

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