Kristenbell_veronicamars_240_013_1So did you see that coming on Veronica Mars? (And yes, if you’ve not yet watched Tuesday’s rape-mystery conclusion, you should probably head elsewhere.) This is pretty much the first time an obvious suspect turned out not to be a red herring, yes?

It was a pretty satisfying end to the first of this season’s arcs, not least because for the first time in a mystery-resolving episode, Veronica was (partly) wrong about who the culprit was. The rape tag-team was something I didn’t really see coming either, and if the explanation for Mercer and Moe’s bond was a little murky — they were guard and prisoner in an earlier version of episode two’s prison experiment — once that became clear, the payoff worked quite well.

It was also nice to see another woman — Parker — be the one to help Veronica out of her jam, rather than Keith or Logan (or even Wallace or Piz). Tough though Veronica is, her headlong runs at justice in the past two seasons have landed her in considerable danger, and her rescues both times have tended toward damsel-in-distress stuff. Given that she was trying to catch a rapist (excuse me, rapists) this time, though, it’s fitting that a previous victim would come to Veronica’s aid.

And what a way to introduce the next mystery arc. Ed Begley Jr. was great as Dean O’Dell, and I’m sorry to see him go. But there couldn’t be a more classic setup to this mystery than the dean’s discovery that his wife was cheating with Veronica’s criminology prof. Anybody wanna bet Weevil gets hauled in as a suspect, since he found the body and his TV-installing fingerprints are all over the dean’s office?

Scottpatterson__gilmoregirls_s7_240I wish I could say I was as happy with Tuesday’s episode of Gilmore Girls, but alas, it’s not the case. In the last couple weeks especially, I can see the machinery turning a little too plainly with regard to Luke and Lorelai.

It feels very much like the writers are steering the ship back to a Luke-Lorelai coupling, with Luke’s recent superdad efforts being his way of proving to Lorelai that he’s capable of commitment. (A friend offers up another valid theory: Having already lost Lor, he’s clinging to April for fear that he’ll be alone for the rest of his life.) I actually kind of like the new Christopher, so I really hope he’s not ultimately just another obstacle for L&L to overcome.

And, speaking of Christopher, since when are the people of Stars Hollow so bloody insular? I get that they were rooting for Luke and Lorelai, but it really seems like it’s time to move on.

More gears grinding: I fear Rory is headed for a hookup-regret scenario with Marty, sometime down the road when Logan has to break a date for work for the 12th time and Rory’s new friends have gone off to be annoying elsewhere. Although given how deeply grating a character Lucy is, I was halfway rooting for "Boyfriend" and Rory to get together last night.

Finally, how ’bout that flash-forward at the end of How I Met Your Mother on Monday? Others have already parsed the scene at Barney’s brother’s wedding, so I’ll just say I agree with those who read it as Ted and Robin have broken up by a year from now. Mostly it’s because they each said they’d stay later than 9 at the reception, rather than "we’ll stay." (Also glad to see Marshall and Lily have apparently gone ahead and married.)

There’s enough wiggle room there — particularly given the way Ted and Robin were dancing — for the writers to change their minds if they want, but it’s nice to see the show take a chance like that.

Posted by:Rick Porter