has been on quite the roller coaster ride for the last month, being canceled and then revived, and subsequently shuffled to two different time slots in four weeks. Despite these trials, however, the show has been creatively triumphant and, according to the NBC promo department, will be back in the new year with new episodes for us to enjoy. Merry Christmas, Lipstick Jungle fans!

Now, on to the episode. Wendy is concerned because Shane is still stuck on the idea that she become a full-time mom, especially now that his career is taking off. In fact, his career is so hot that Natasha Bedingfield herself asks him to become the keyboard player on her upcoming tour. When Wendy finds out, however, she is very against the idea of him leaving for so long and suggests him perhaps doing part of the tour, much to his dismay. In fact, his reaction to her (understandable) hesitation is downright hostile, accusing her of only liking him when she has to take care of him. Has Shane undergone a complete personality transplant in the past few months, or what? Some of his arguments are reasonable, but the way he’s lashing out against Wendy at every turn since she lost her job at Parador suggests something deeper going on with the character. After Shane turns down the tour, Josie stops by to see Wendy and tries
to bully her into "letting" Shane go on the tour, but Wendy stands her
ground. Wendy and Shane’s fighting is even effecting little Taylor, who is picking fights at school and generally acting out.Things get so bad that Wendy suggests counseling, to which Shane responds by taking the Natasha Bedingfield job. Wow.

Nico is determined to make her dream of having a child a reality, and is planning on freezing her eggs to make sure she can do just that in the future. The downside of freezing her eggs? In order to increase egg production, she needs to give herself injections of fertility drugs. Ouch. Kirby shows up at her office and finds out about the fertility treatments, and it’s a sad and poignant moment for them when they recognize each other as being good with children as they simultaneously realize they probably won’t be having them together any time soon. Nico’s treatments start to have serious side effects, like hot flashes and giving her extreme thirst, which eventually get so bad that they cause her to pass out on her office floor, where Griffin finds her. He even brings her home from the hospital, and despite her objections to his attention he wins her over with the offer to make tea. Griffin is extremely understanding about her fertility treatments and Nico confides in him about her dismay about doing all of this on her own, pushing her and Griffin one step closer to their inevitable hookup.

Victory is busy working on the marketing campaign for her new home furnishing design venture, a marketing campaign which to her dismay seems to surround her lounging in a bed, stark naked. She says her main problem is with being objectified, but Wendy and Nico quickly suss out that her fear of being naked in "public" is really what’s holding her back. Victory finally agrees to the shoot when Nico suggests Kirby as the photographer. At the shoot, her fears come full circle when she sees how many people will actually be seeing her naked…and what hope do the rest of us have if someone as beautiful as Victory is self-conscious about her body? Kirby calms her fears with a few stiff shots of alcohol and the shoot goes off without a hitch. While out at a meeting, she runs into Joe and asks him for some time to talk to him, and he all but completely brushes off her request, telling her to cal his assistant Alex to "set something up." Her brush with self-confidence at the shoot, however, gives her the confidence to finally confront Joe. She shows up at his hotel room to tell him "I’m sorry" and to thank him for everything he’s done for her. Oh, and to also tell him she would’ve said yes to his proposal had he ever actually proposed. And then they kiss! Victory and Joe fan or no, it’s a nice moment for them and some great work from Lindsay Price. Things go so well that Victory decides to ask Joe to marry her this time. Way to take charge, Vic! Of course, how Joe feels about being proposed to is a different story. He seems like a guy who would want to do that himself, doesn’t he?

What did you guys think? Are you excited about Victory and Joe’s reunion? Will Wendy and Shane survive this setback? And what do you think about the inevitable Nico/Griffin relationship? Be sure to tune in for new episodes on January 2nd to find out what happens next!

Posted by:Carrie Raisler