After the crazy pace of the last few episodes Lipstick Jungle finally slowed it down a bit tonight and let their characters breathe, and it was a welcome change. By developing the three central characters a bit more and finally giving them all conflicts that seemed germane to them and had real consequences, the very capable cast rose to the occasion and the results were a cohesive and even emotionally compelling hour.

Do you wear any spoilers under your kilt?

Because everything in the world has a mandate to mention Harry Potter at some point in time, the main story of the week was Nico and Wendy’s quest to gain the rights to J.K. Rowling’s newly discovered "prequel" to the Harry Potter series. Nico tells Wendy the best way to do this is to fly to Scotland and pitch Rowling in person, but Wendy says she cannot go because Shane is working and no one will be able to take care of the kids. Nico decides to go alone, but then gets the very bright idea to have Kirby meet her there so they can have a romantic trip where no one knows them and they can be free to be a couple in public without impunity. Kirby jumps at the chance, right when Shane tells Wendy she has to go to the meeting and Wendy agrees. When Wendy surprises Nico on the company jet, Nico is none to pleased which Wendy takes as a slight against her personally. When Wendy gets to Scotland and meets Kirby, she puts two and two together and reads Nico the riot act for continuing her affair with Kirby and keeping it from her. Harsh words are exchanged between the ladies and it ends with Wendy throwing out the lowest of blows, telling Nico it’s good she doesn’t have kids so they don’t inherit her bad values. Ouch, Wendy. The two don’t speak the entire way home, and back in New York they run into each other on the street and you can feel the chill in the air all the way through the television. They don’t make up, which is a natural and nice progression to the story and leaves a lot of room for interesting things to happen down the road with their friendship.

Meanwhile, Victory is busy getting her line off the ground now that she sold her company to the sketchy venture capitalist, Mr. Kintero. He easily agrees to all of Victory’s demands and doesn’t even ask to see her sketches, which sets off alarm bells in Victory’s head. She tests him by asking for things that are patently ridiculous, like a sheep farm in upstate New York to raise her own sheep for wool and the feathers of an endangered Chinese bird. Endangered animal remnants as fashion. Fierce! Victory also spends the hour moving into her own wing of Joe’s insane apartment, complete with a closet full of all new clothes and shoes in her size. It’s a nice gesture, but Victory would be happier feeling like she was more important to Joe emotionally than having her own space the size of a small country in Joe’s Manhattan apartment. Joe does exactly that, making her feel important like only a rich man can do by transforming a room into a ballroom for her and hiring a piano player and singer to accompany them in a dance. It’s romantic in that cold, lonely, money-soaked way the rich are romantic. After meeting Joe’s arch rival at a high end art auction (where Joe buys a painting for $50 million) Victory worries to Joe that Mr. Kintero is laundering money through her company, and even comes to the conclusion that one of Joe’s arch rivals bought the company and is using it to one-up Joe by owning Joe’s girlfriend. Conspiracy theory much? Upon hearing that crazy story, Joe admits it was him who bought her company. That’s gotta sting. Joe explains a devastated Victory that he did it behind her back because he knew she wouldn’t accept the offer to her face, and that her company is a good investment. When Victory insists he sell, he refuses to do so until it is profitable, so she breaks up with him on the spot. Poor Victory.

What did you guys think? Are you on Nico or Wendy’s side in their argument? And what is up with Joe thinking he can just buy anything he wants, including his girlfriend’s affections?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler