lisa damato pregnant gi Lisa D'Amato pregnant: 'America's Next Top Model' carrying baby boyLisa D’Amato certainly has something to smize about.

The “America’s Next Top Model All-Stars” winner is expecting her first child, a boy, with husband Adam Friedman, D’Amato confirms to E! News. Either that or it’s divine intervention, she jokes, “because we were using birth control.”

“My pregnancy has been a complete nightmare, to be honest,” the five-month-pregnant model tells the new outlet. “I can’t believe women do this on the daily! I haven’t been bedridden or anything, but nausea all day everyday and only starchy fatty foods help it subside.”

D’Amato admits that her pregnancy has affected her regular workout routine, but she’s not planning on giving up all together “so I don’t turn into a Cinnabon and can hopefully be a MILF in a month’s time. My nausea has subsided a lot the last couple weeks so I feel a bit more in control but pregnancy is a b****! Also, it seems everyone is pregnant these days. The stork is drunk! Someone needs to tell him to go to bed.”

But at least D’Amato is fully healed from the scary accident she had on a movie set earlier this year and can now focus on being a new mom.

Posted by:Billy Nilles