lisa frank clothes Lisa Frank starts amazing neon colored clothing lineChildren of the ’90s have yet another reason to feel nostalgic.

Apparently, Lisa Frank — yes, she of the neon-colored, animal-filled designs that adorned Trapper Keepers across America at the end of the 20th century — has launched a clothing line.
Obviously, the designs are filled with bright colors, pandas, dolphins, puppies, hearts, and other assorted adorable things. And obviously, we want SO MANY of the things. Though the dolphin T-shirt and kitten-adorned polar fleece are amazing, we particularly covet the Lisa Frank logo sweatshirt. What we wouldn’t have given to sport that baby in 1994! Instead, we’ll have to make do realizing our dreams almost two decades later.
The fun is not just for nostalgic grown-ups, either — there are plenty of kid-sized items for sale. If you spend more than $50, you get six free holiday pencils with toppers. Basically, this will be the best Christmas ever (at least since we got Dream Phone and Mall Madness under the tree).

Anyone planning on purchasing some Lisa Frank gear? What’s your favorite item?
Posted by:Jean Bentley