lisa kudrow courteney cox cougar town 320 Lisa Kudrow comes to 'Cougar Town.' Now, how about Matthew Perry?We keep going back-and-forth about ABC’s freshman comedy “Cougar Town.”

While it did make our list of Must-See fall shows, repeated viewings of the pilot made us think it was trying a little too hard.

This secondary judgment was borne out by much of the first half of the season, although right before it went on holiday hiatus it gave us a one-two punch with a solid Thanksgiving episode and the addition of Scott Foley.

Admittedly, it’s all kind of confusing.

“Cougar Town” returns on Wednesday (Jan. 6) with the much ballyhooed “Friends” reunion between “CT” star Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, who plays the best dermatologist in town who happens to have a mean streak.

It’s always good to see Kudrow play someone other than Phoebe and from the clips we’ve seen this casting works better than Jennifer Aniston‘s on Cox’s last show “Dirt.” But let’s face it, the next time Cox gets a friend to come out and play we really wish it would be Matthew Perry.

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