Lisa-rinna-playboy.0.0.0x0.400x534 We've been hearing about Lisa Rinna's nude Playboy layout and her 45-year-old pin-up hard body for months, ad nauseam.

Every time Lisa opens her over-inflated guppy mouth, she's blathering on about how comfortable she is nude and how proud she is of her hard-worked-for body.

Well, now we know why she's so thrilled to be nude. She looks pretty darn good in the photos, which as we all know, are retouched beyond mere mortal perfection. And we're not even gonna muse go about all the other kinds of help she's possibly gotten over the years.

But the photog wisely chose a '60s flashback Mrs. Robinsonesque theme for the sexy hot mama.

Frankly, Anne Bancroft never looked this good in the original 1967 film, "The Graduate." And the actress was only in her '30s when she originated that cougar role seducing Dustin Hoffman.

Now we kinda wish Melrose Place had given Rinna a shot at the series.

To compare Lisa's current Playboy look to her look in the '90s, keep reading.


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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead