lisa robin kelly mugshot Lisa Robin Kelly on miscarriage, alcohol abuse and spousal assault on 'GMA'“Good Morning America” sat down with Lisa Robin Kelly, the actress from “That ’70s Show” who was arrested over this past weekend on felony spousal abuse charges. Not only did her arrest make headlines, but so did her mugshot (above).

Kelly says of the mugshot, “My poor mother has to look at that picture. That doesn’t look like me, that’s not me.”

As far as talk of substance abuse goes, Kelly admits that she used to have a problem.

“I had lost a baby, and as a result of that, I lost everything. I was abusing alcohol, which I no longer do,” says Kelly. “There is nothing that I was on or abusing at that time [of the arrest].”

Kelly also claims that it was her husband, John Mikus, who was the one assaulting her and not the other way around, claiming the charges are “a bunch of made-up stuff.”

And she tells “GMA” that she’s ready to move forward.

“With ‘That ’70s Show,’ I was guilty of the drinking problem and I ran,” says Kelly. “I am not running from this. I have paid my dues. If I can make it through this, I can make it through anything.”

Kelly also says she’s three months sober and is excited about an upcoming movie called “It Sucks to be Me.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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