columbus short getty radio interview Listen to 'Scandal's' Columbus Short give a bizarre radio interview after the Season 3 finaleOne of the burning questions from the “Scandal” Season 3 finale is whether or not Columbus Short’s character Harrison Wright was killed by Olivia Pope’s father Eli (Joe Morton) in the final moments. It was the first topic tackled by Tom Joyner’s radio show, when Short called in to speak with hosts Joyner, Sybil Wilkes and J. Anthony Brown.

While it cannot be expected that Short would simply blurt out all the details he knows, what did transpire was uber-weird. When Joyner offers that he thinks a lot of different endings were shot, Short says, “But you know when you stop wracking your brain, you’ll realize it was only one ending. It was the one ending that was already written. Like Shonda had this whole show written from the top to bottom. Guess who else has the show written top to bottom? God. He has me written top to bottom.”

Right. Whatever that means.

The hosts then ask him how long ago he knew he he was going to get shot and Short says, “The day I got shot. But I’m lying because I didn’t get shot, n****s, man, I mean, people.”

The interview goes on in similarly bizarre fashion, the audio is below and you can read a full transcript here. This is the latest abnormal event for Short off-set, like a string of legal issues including an alleged bar fight and an alleged threat made against his wife.

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