The Daily Record has unearthed what it claims is Scottish lassie Susan Boyle's first recording, "Cry Me A River," recorded in 1999 at Whiteburn Academy.

Wow. Sultry! Doesn't she sound like Shirley Bassey? Try "Goldfinger" next?

The recording was part of a millennium charity CD.

Ironically, according to The Guardian, that academy is the same one attended by a former "X-Factor" winner Leon Jackson.

Will Susan win the competition on this season's "Britain's Got Talent?"

If we were the other contestants, we'd pack up our tea towels and head home.

She's a shoe-in.

Boyle is expected to appear on Larry King Live and Oprah next week.

King is due to interview Boyle on his program. Winfrey has also agreed to interview her, adding to Boyle appearances on other US network TV morning shows on NBC and CBS next week. The Guardian reports that Boyle has already done 60 interviews with media outlets around the world.

Next question, when will Susan sell out in Vegas?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead