little big town red carpet 450 gi Little Big Town 'elated' by their 'Tornado' of success

Little Big Town knows it’s optimal to have an album go platinum while its latest single is climbing the charts.
The country-music group is experiencing that, having scored their second platinum designation last week for “Tornado,” their fifth studio release and the source of the song “Your Side of the Bed.” As the quartet continues a busy summer of touring — next placing them in Cincinnati on Thursday (July 18) — they’re happy the tune is getting such a boost.
“‘Elated’ is a word that comes to mind,” Little Big Town member Phillip Sweet tells Zap2it of going platinum again after “The Road to Here” in 2005. “To see this momentum grow and grow, and to see the fans connect to something in the songs, I think that’s all you ever want as a musician.”
“And ‘Your Side of the Bed’ is just getting started,” adds Karen Fairchild, who’s married to bandmate Jimi Westbrook. “To know that we hit this milestone on two-and-a-half songs, really, is overwhelming. There are still so many other songs we would love for the fans to hear, we’re not nearly done with this record yet … though we’re just starting to write for a new one.”
“Tornado” also has yielded hits in its title song and “Pontoon,” and the big summer of Little Big Town also encompasses their hosting ABC’s annual “CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock” special Monday, Aug, 12. They were offered, and took, the job as the Country Music Association’s reigning Vocal Group of the Year.
While taping the three-hour show in Nashville last month, Little Big Town could feel — and hear — the effects of “Tornado.” It’s the type of crowd response they’ve been enjoying at every stop on their current tour, slated to run through the end of October.
“With this record, we can tell when the songs really start to resonate with people,” notes Kimberly Schlapman. “During the show, we can start to hear them singing them back at us. When we first started singing ‘Pontoon,’ people were enjoying it and listening, but not really participating. Then as it became more of a hit, they were singing it louder than we were!
‘The same thing happened with ‘Tornado,'” Schlapman reports, “and now, it’s starting to happen with ‘Your Side of the Bed.’ That’s so thrilling, to get to a point where people know every word … and where it means enough to them to scream them back at the top of their lungs. I love that.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin