little couple 320 'Little Couple' season two ends with parenthood still on the tableMonday (Feb. 22), TLC confirmed it has ordered a third season of the hit reality series “The Little Couple,” which follows the lives of Dr. Jen Arnold and businessman Bill Klein, who are both under four feet tall, as they navigate the world in general and married life in particular.

The second-season finale airs Tuesday, Feb. 23, and filming for Season 3 is expected to begin this spring for a June premiere.

Arnold and Klein sat down with Zap2it during a visit to Los Angeles for Season 2 filming and talked about their hopes for the show, for themselves and for other little people.

One question, which could possibly be settled next season, is about Klein and Arnold’s wish to have a baby. Arnold’s stature would make it difficult and even dangerous for her to carry a baby, so the two have been exploring possibilities.

“There’s no debate,” Klein says, “we’re having [a baby], just don’t know which way we’re going to do it.”

They’ve looked at adoption — perhaps with the help of Little People of America — and even using a surrogate.

“We’re exploring all options,” Klein reveal.

“If we can do one surrogacy, great,” says Arnold, “If we can do one adoption, great. We don’t want just one child.”

“We’re looking at both,” Klein adds, “as being ways to fill our abode.”

Since Arnold is a neonatologist, prenatal genetic testing is a talking point along with the possible impact of that on prospective parents facing the reality of having a baby who’s also a little person.

“I always defer to if Jen’s parents had decided that, because there was a test out there, if they had that resource to not have Jen, then I’d be miserable and up in New York, still,” says Klein.

“If my parents had made that same decision, Jen might be very well off in Pittsburgh, living a life of luxury. But, hey, what are you going to do? You win some, you lose some.”

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Photo credit: TLC

Posted by:Kate O'Hare