little people big world church crane 'Little People, Big World': Jeremy and Audrey get married in Season 8 finale

After months of preparation and obstacles aplenty, Jeremy Roloff and his fiancee Audrey finally tie the knot on the Roloff farm on tonight’s “Little People, Big World.” This episode tracks the lead up to the wedding from a month out all the way to the big day, encompassing all of the last minute preparations and details. 
Due to the briefness of their engagement, many details a future bride and groom usually work out six to eight months in advance are left for Audrey and Jeremy to take care of dangerously close to the wedding. Audrey goes for a dress fitting barely four weeks ahead of her wedding day, and Jeremy goes to get a custom suit made even closer than that. With Jeremy’s penchant for wearing cropped jeans and open toed sandals everywhere he goes, it’s unclear why Audrey blindly trusts him with his own style decisions. 
Granted, the task of transforming the farm to a suitable wedding venue took up so much of the couples’ time (as well as the family’s time) that it didn’t leave much time for anything else to get done, but cutting it that close seems overly risky. 
There are beautiful moments sprinkled throughout the episode between members of the Roloff family. Jeremy takes Amy to lunch in order to have one last day out with his mom before he is a married man and doesn’t have the luxury to sit and have a stress-free conversation quite so often. Zach accompanying his brother to the tailor is sweet and also a look at how nervous Zach already is about his own wedding despite it being nine months away. 
The wedding day itself goes off without a hitch; Audrey is gorgeous and the ceremony is flawlessly planned, complete with custom vows by the happy couple. The one major worry is avoided, as Matt recovers from an illness and is able to attend the ceremony as planned. The love between Audrey and Jeremy is sweet, real, and drama-free in a way that few reality television weddings are anymore, and the show does a good job at portraying how down to earth the newlyweds are throughout the entire stressful day. 
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Posted by:Whitney McIntosh