Amy-Matt-Roloff-Wedding-Farm-TLC.jpgTLC is bringing the Roloff family back again in their new series, “Little People Big World: Wedding Farm,” which premieres tonight at 9/8c.

The show follows the latest development with the Roloff family at their farm, as they transform the property next to theirs into a wedding venue. Zap2it spoke to star Amy Roloff about returning to television, and what LPBW fans can expect to see this season as she (and her husband Matt) initiate a new business venture.

Zap2it: What was the primary inspiration for you to head back to TV?

Amy Roloff: We kind of figured we never really left. TLC has been in contact with us, just to keep in touch. As Matt and I figure[d] out what we can do with the new farm property we bought — they were interested in this new direction. It’s something we’re already doing so why not continue with the “story.”

Zap2it: Tell us about your kids. They’ve grown up a bit since the original series wrapped — what kind of changes can audiences expect to see?

Amy Roloff: All of them are doing really good. Jeremy is down in Santa Barbara going to Brooks [Institute], Zach is going to school close to home, Molly is in Spokane going to school, and our youngest Jacob is in 10th grade — wondering where everyone is.

Zap2it: Can you give Zap2it readers some insight as to how you decided to convert the new property addition into a wedding space?

Amy Roloff: Wow! It all happened so fast…. Matt came up with [an idea]: How about doing a wedding or two, and see what happens? TLC heard about what we were doing, [and they] wanted to tell the story too… We had to scramble — or should I say, Matt [did]. I, of course, wanted to take it a little slower but that didn’t happen. It was a big adjustment to see if Matt and I could really work together and even pull this off. So literally, a scramble in just months to get the venue really for a possible first wedding.

Zap2it: Are you guys’ fans of other wedding shows? Do you ever find yourself watching “Say Yes to the Dress” or other series and getting really impassioned (or frustrated) about the featured couples or weddings?

Amy Roloff: Matt has seen and watched more than I have. We’ve taken bits and pieces from several of the shows and wondered “do we really want to get into having weddings?”. It’s like a marriage — it may be tough sometimes but a moment can last a lifetime. Say yes to weddings with the Roloffs!

Zap2it: If you had to pick just one, what was the greatest challenge you experienced during the barn renovation and starting up the new business?

Amy Roloff: What were we thinking of after all these years, taking on a business like this together? Working together so close. We’ve had help from a few who have been working on the farm already which really helped.

Zap2it: Has the show kept fans and tourists coming back to Roloff Farm for pumpkins?
Amy Roloff: That is one of the best parts — seeing and meeting our fans who travel to our farm for pumpkin season, but also the many people locally who visit. We really appreciate all of them. We love sharing our farm with others.

Zap2it: Have you experienced increased interest in the farm as a wedding location since news of the show was released? Any “bridezillas” at the Wedding Farm yet?

Amy Roloff: You’ll see in these new episodes all about the brides, and what it was like working with them. I think it’ll get wonderfully crazier as we have more weddings. Yes, there has been a tremendous amount of interest [from] a lot if brides wanting to get married at our farm.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady