i love lucy christmas Little seen 'I Love Lucy' Christmas episode coming back to CBS   in colorCBS is resurrecting a Christmas episode of “I Love Lucy” to air in December — in color.

The Christmas show, originally aired in December 1956, will be combined with the classic “Lucy’s Italian Movie” episode (the one with the famous grape-stomping scene) as part of an hour-long special on Dec. 20. Both episodes will be colorized, and they’ll be edited together with just one set of opening and end credits.

“The Christmas Episode” was considered a special, so it wasn’t part of the “I Love Lucy” syndication package — hence, it’s rarely been seen in the decades since its initial airing. The episode finds the Ricardos and Mertzes trimming a tree on Christmas Eve and recalling some of their past together, shown via flashbacks to past episodes.

CBS rediscovered the episode in 1989 and aired a version with the Christmas Eve scenes in color in 1990; that version is also available on the show’s DVD set.

“The Christmas Episode” and “Lucy’s Italian Wedding” will air together at 8 p.m. ET Friday, Dec. 20.

Posted by:Rick Porter