nina tassler cbs 320 Live from press tour: CBS head Nina Tassler on Charlie Sheen, midseason shows and moreIt was CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler‘s turn Friday morning (Jan. 14) at the Television Critics Association press tour. We’re live-blogging her press conference.

9:05 a.m. PT: Hey, did you know CBS is doing pretty well this year? Well, it is. Tassler runs down the various wins of the fall.

9:07: First question is about Charlie Sheen. “Wow, I really wasn’t expecting that,” Tassler says sarcastically. On a serious note, she’s concerned for him personally, but Sheen is showing up for work and doing his job well, and she says she trusts Warner Bros. to manage the situation.

9:09: Another Sheen question: Yes, Charlie knows the network is concerned.

9:11: Critic: Are you happy with “$#*! My Dad Says” creatively? Tassler: We like the direction it’s taking. She stops short of saying it will get a second season, though.

9:12: Of her procedural-heavy lineup, Tassler says that the crime and law stories are just a “jumping-off point” for people to get into the characters. “As we continue to try and do things, we will continue to experiment. … Some will work, some won’t. It won’t always be crime and punishment.”

9:13: Continuing on the theme: “When a show didn’t work for us, I wouldn’t say it didn’t work because it was not a crime show.”

9:15: Tassler is asked why CBS is doing so well in a rough patch for the other broadcast networks. “We’re good at what we do,” she says — and CBS has respect for the audience, its showrunners and talent, and the company is well-organized and -run. That makes it sound kind of easy, doesn’t it?

9:16: Social media has given the producers of “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” a window into what the audience likes and doesn’t like and allows them to incorporate changes sooner than in the past.

9:18: On the “Blue Bloods” Wednesday tryout starting next week, Tassler won’t say what expectations she has for the show’s ratings, but it is a low-risk experiment to see how it does.

9:19: Tassler is not super-concerned about how “American Idol” airing on Thursday will affect “The Big Bang Theory.” “Anytime you put [two] hit shows in one time period, there are enough eyeballs to go around.”

9:20: “CSI” in any of its incarnations isn’t going away anytime soon. “As long as people keep watching,” CBS will keep running them, Tassler says.

9:21: “Flashpoint” will probably be back on the air in the summer.

9:21: Tassler says DVR use is a “factor” in determining the success of shows. “Hopefully when all the metrics get sorted out, we’ll be able to be compensated for all the people who do watch.”

9:22: Tassler was apparently unaware that the producers of “Live to Dance” are already recruiting for a second season. She likes the show a lot but wishes it would have done better in the ratings.

9:23: She also refuses to put a number on how well “Big Bang” will hold up against “Idol.”

9:26: Tassler says the cast cuts on “Criminal Minds” weren’t just for budgetary reason. The development of the spinoff show and “evolution of the franchise” gave the network a chance to look at the team on the original show “and evolve some of the roles of the agents.” Paget Brewster has an option to continue next season, and Tassler hopes she’ll stay, but “across the board, there are discussions about cast members changing. … It is the nature of the creative evolution of any show.”

And that’s that with that. Your thoughts?

Posted by:Rick Porter