michaelemerson lost 290 Live 'Lost' chat returns on Monday, December 14It’s been a long time since the last live chat here on the “Lost” blog. Not as long as Sawyer and Co. spent ensconced in Dharmaville, but it’s been a long time nonetheless. We’ve had a lot to discuss lately: that crazy Spanish promo, the release of the Season 5 DVDs for the show, the ongoing tension between fate and free will, and the hidden-in-plain sight presence of Jacob and The Man in Black in our “Light vs. Dark” series. It’s high time we have ourselves a more interactive discussion!

So I’ll be hosting a live chat here on Monday, December 14th, at 4 pm EST. You can either bookmark this particular entry for later use, or use the CoverItLive window below to create a reminder for yourself. I’ll be here to chat about the above topics, give my thoughts one week into attending “Lost University,” and my new obsession: turtles. Yes, turtles. Why? Because they go all the way down, that’s why.

Curious about how that applies to “Lost”? Then come back Monday and find out! We’re less than two months away from the beginning of the end. You’re going to see a lot, and I do mean a LOT, more content as the season approaches here on Zap2it. More blog entries. More galleries. More chats. More BTRWRTH. Just more of everything.

And this chat should kick things off nicely, I think. Hope to see you here!

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Posted by:Ryan McGee