live to dance finale winner 'Live to Dance' finale winner: D'Angelo & Amanda, Kendall Glover or White Tree Fine Art?Who won the inaugural “Live to Dance” season and a prize of $500,000? Warning: spoilers ahead.

After eliminating the three big groups Twitch, The Vibe and Dance Town Chaos right at the top of the hour, the Top 3 is revealed to be D’Angelo & Amanda, the preteen ballroom dancers from Miami, White Tree Fine Art, the married couple ballet dancers, and Kendall Glover, the soloist 11-year-old from Arizona.

Before the winners are announced, the Chi-Town Best Breakers get a brand-new Chrysler Town and Country for their family, the little buggers and their parents are just elated. Aww, that’s nice.

They finally bring the Top 3 acts out and the first act eliminated is White Tree Fine Art, so interestingly it comes down to some young kids. After a couple more video packages and some Paula word salad about how sweet it all is and thanking the teachers and mentors (oh Paula, we miss your crazy butt), D’Angelo and Amanda are crowned the winner of “Live to Dance.”

Congratulations to D’Angelo & Amanda and all the dancers this season. What do you think, gang? Happy with those winners?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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