When CBS made reference to auditions for its new show “Live to Dance” taking place in “Dance Domes,” we thought the network was just being cute. But no — as you can see in the preview clip above, there are actual domes in play.

That goofy little touch, the return of Paula Abdul to our TV screens and some of the performances we see in the preview have us kind of excited to see what “Live to Dance” will offer up in its six-week run.

The show looks to be taking an “America’s Got Talent” approach to finding its finalists (albeit in a much more condensed form). As long as you’re dancing, the show is open to all comers, regardless of age, style or size of the group. We saw tap, ballet, hip-hop and several more styles in the clip.

As the lead judge (Kimberly Wyatt and Travis Payne are the others; Andrew Gunsberg hosts), Abdul sounds much more authoritative than she ever did on “American Idol,” but she’s still Paula, encouraging contestants to “live in their unique ability.”

“Live to Dance” has a two-hour premiere at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday (Jan. 4) on CBS, then moves to 8 p.m. Wednesdays the following night.

Will you be watching?

Posted by:Rick Porter