kelly ripa michael strahan live with kelly and michael 'Live with Kelly and Michael' debuts: Are Ripa and Strahan your new favorite daytime duo?“Live! with Kelly” made it official Tuesday morning (Sept. 4) when it became “Live! with Kelly and Michael” and welcomed Michael Strahan as Kelly Ripa’s permanent new co-host. The nine months since Regis Philbin left saw almost 60 co-hosts join Ripa at her hosting table, but now she has found a new partner.

The announced kicks off the new show with, “For the last time as a single lady, please welcome Kelly Ripa!”

And Ripa says, “I’ve really been very fortunate, I’ve sat next to so many talented people … I have enjoyed every single solitary person, except for like one. The staff is laughing ’cause they know that’s true. I walked backstage and was like, ‘OK, never again.’ [laughs].”

“But now it’s time for a new era of our show. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the newest member of our ‘Live’ family, we are honored to have him here — Michael Strahan!”

And the giant hulk of a co-host came out, picking up Ripa in a bear hug and saying, “I’m so delighted to be a part of this. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing me here. You know how you say it’s a dream come true? I can’t even say that ’cause I didn’t know I could even dream this.”

“I know he could bench press me if he wanted to,” cracks Ripa — heh. Strahan could probably one-hand dead lift Ripa straight over his head.

“But then I lost all my tough points because I almost cried,” says Strahan. He then calls Kelly his official TV-wife and presents her with a bouquet of red roses. Awww.

Are you excited about the new era of “Live!”?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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