Some will probably blame today’s clusterfrak of a red (it was actually gold) carpet line on the fire that erupted at Universal Studios around 4:30 this morning. Was traffic getting to the Gibson Amphitheatre insane with all the firetrucks and disaster personnel buzzing around? Indeed, it was — I had to cut off at least three dozen cars and pull a couple illegal (aka sweet) moves to make it there, myself — And perhaps this is the reason why every major star that I wished to speak with arrived late, spoke to a couple press outlets and then ran past the rest of us to get into the show. Biggest disappointment? Not getting to ask Rainn Wilson whether or not Andy Bernard is going to beat Dwight Schrute’s behind when The Office returns this Fall (and how it felt to get some hot Dwangela action after-hours at Dunder-Mifflin — though I think Angela Kinsey was pregnant at the time of shooting, which must’ve been sorta weird). But at least I got a wave from him on his way down the line. My plan to grill Lindsay Lohan (pictured, above) on her upcoming Ugly Betty episodes was thwarted as well. Still, I can’t negative Nancy my way through this entire blog item, because once the carpet was over and the show began, I realized MTV had gifted with me with pretty fantastic seats, just a few rows behind the cast of The Laurenconrad_vh1big05_240
, so I can watch Frankie Delgado talk Audrina Patridge‘s ear off all night and observe that she and Lauren Conrad (pictured, right) — though in the same row — couldn’t be further away from each other and haven’t spoken once since I sat down (everyone else is pretty chatty). Brody Jenner, attached to Frankie at the hip as usual, also looks to be incommunicado with Conrad, but doesn’t seem to care, busy drinking beer throughout the broadcast and blackberrying. Still, if there is a rift between L.C. and company, it hasn’t yet reached HeidiSpencer proportions, because those two are the only Hills cast members who are sitting elsewhere — as in, a whole ‘nother area of the theater.

Ti_mtvmovieawards08_240Alright, scoopy encounters I’ve scrounged up tonight so far?

Legally-challenged Rapper T.I. (pictured, left), whose music has been featured on Entourage several times over the past few years, will begin filming an episode of the show this week. It will be an acting role this time around, but he’s  keeping tight-lipped on the specifics of the part: "I’m not gonna let the cat out of the bag!" The filming of T.I.’s new MTV reality show, chronicling his troubles with the law and his struggle to move forward, will soon start as well.

Jason Wahler
(pictured, right), formerly of Laguna Beach, The Hills
(and the state of California’s correctional facilities) really and
truly has calmed down. The former party boy and trouble maker took the
time to chat with me about many things, including the fact that his
planned reality show with fiancee Katja Decker-Sadowski (who has been at his side all day today) is now postponed because he just
landed two movies. He’s got significant roles in both a comedy and a
horror film, one begins filming this month, the other in August.
He’s psyched and said he hopes his foray into acting doesn’t end up
like Paris Hilton‘s turn in House of Wax (ha). He’s been taking classes and is ready to see what happens — Speaking of Paris, her boy
Benji Madden
is way
short, btw. The two of them are running around hand-in-hand tonight and I’m
shocked at how miniature he is. With heels on, she is like a head and
a half higher up than him. Whatever, I’m sure he’s got other
assets — Anyway, Jason and his lady friend also told me they’re still
planning their wedding, which will probably take place about a year
from now, after Katja has finished school at USC.

As for his former girl,
Lauren, he laughed when I asked about her rekindled relationship with
fellow Laguna classmate, Stephen Colletti (pictured, left). "I still talk to Stephen and Talan,
that’s about it [as far as my high school friends are concerned]. But I
don’t know anything about [Lauren and Stephen dating]. I’m such a home
body now. I don’t pay attention to that stuff. I’m over it!"

Anna Faris
(pictured, right), though busy with movies and really excited about her upcoming film Observe and Report with Seth Rogen, isn’t opposed to doing television: "I’d love to do a remake of The Golden Girls," she told me. "I would be [the] Betty White [character]."

Hairspray‘s Nikki Blonsky is developing her own TV project as we speak. "I can’t give you too many details, but it’s in the works right now," she said. It will, most definitely, be a scripted comedy. But whether it’s for cable or network, she wouldn’t tell.

America’s Best Dance Crew winners, the very talented Jabbawockeez, walked their cute faces down the carpet (sans masks) and were probably the most excited stars to be there. They told me they’re currently developing, their official website, where fans will be able to buy merchandise from their new clothing line and keep up on what they’re doing and where they’ll be traveling to. will soon
launch as well and will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at all things Jabba. "You’re going to see us popping up on TV and in different music videos very soon," one of the crew members told me. And P.S., ABDC season one judges Shane Sparks and JC Chasez (pictured, left) are both at the show tonight and will definitely be returning for season two of the dance series.

Alright, that’s it for now… Check back later for more updates, and if you’re on the West Coast and the Movie Awards haven’t started airing yet, I recommend you tune in. Coldplay will rock their new song early on and it’s really good.  Plus, our old friends Wayne n Garth are reuniting — which is SHA-WING, kind of awesome — and there are some big names hanging out: Sarah Jessica Parker and Johnny Depp. Also, Tom Cruise (who, btw is really not that short at all, the rumors ain’t true) presents Adam Sandler (pictured, right) with his lifetime achievement award. Highlight? King of QueensKevin James and Rob Schneider get in on the acceptance action…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh